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    Across the country people depend on us for our quick testing because we get them results faster then any other service. Try us today and see the difference. Our caring counselors are standing by to assist you.

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    We use only the latest in technological testing equipment so that you know your results as soon as the machine does. No more waiting for weeks and worrying. Know where you stand as soon as possible.

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    If you receive the unfortunate news of testing positive for a curable or treatable STD, we can provide you with a confidential prescription for you at your local pharmacy.

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According to the latest studies, almost 19 million new STD cases (not including HIV) occur every year in America. Over half of all people will contract a STD at some point in their lives. A portion of these individuals will require STD testing to make sure that there are no infections present.


You can get an STD from having sexual relations with a person who is infected with an STD. An STD is a serious illness that requires attention immediately and fast treatment. Certain STDS are treatable and curable but certain STDS such as AIDS are not. It is important to get results fast so if you do need treatment, you can take care of it quickly


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    We will find you a local lab that you can use today that is confidential and private.


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    Quickest results in the Testing industry

    Our direct link labs allow us to get STD testing results faster then anyone else in the country.


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    Our compassionate staff is here to assist you with your concerns as you go through the testing process.


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    Call our testing number and we will set you up with a local lab. That's it! We'll help you get your STD testing done fast!

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