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When you make the decision to get a STD test, do your self a big favor and choose a high quality reliable test. With all of the options available, it would be easy to get a test that gives you less accurate results. Factors such as timeframe, exposure type and situational aspects can affect the outcome of your testing results. Call the experts when you are needing to be 100% sure you are not infected with a STD. We are the top rated STD testing company in the United States. Don't hesitate, you are here to find out more about STD Testing and we are here to provide you with the answers you are looking fore. Call today and Get an Appointment at one of our private facilities to get your STD Test.


    HIV Test

    HIV Test Options

    EIA Antibody Test

    DNA by PCR (Early Detection)

    RNA by PCR (Early Detection)


    Herpes Test

    Herpes Test Options

    IGG Herpes Type 1 & 2 Test

    IGM Herpes Test (Early Detection)


    Chlamydia Test

    Chlamydia Test Options

    Chlamydia is tested for with a Urine Sample not a Painful Swab.


    Gonorrhea Test

    Gonorrhea Test Options

    Gonorrhea is tested for with a Urine Sample not a Painful Swab


    Syphilis Test

    Syphilis Test Options

    Our RPR Syphilis Test is Highly Accurate


    Trichomoniasis Test

    Trichomoniasis Test Options

    Trichomoniasis is tested for with a Urine Sample not a Painful Swab


    Hepatitis Test

    Hepatitis Test Options

    Our Hepatitis Screenings for Type A, B, and C are done by a blood sample


    Additional Tests

    Additional Test Options

    We can test for a multitude of things. Ask us about our Urinalysis and CBC to determine if there are any addisional Viral or Bacterial Concerns.

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