A lot more to know about “Stroke” and its factors

Though we are heading towards the modern technological world, there are many inbound factors to be noted upon. Day to day, the list of diseases have been increasing. In that case, you need to go along with the list to be aware. Few disease symptoms are aware of the people. but, when it comes to the new diseases, we may not be sure about it. Some common diseases become a major threat for the people. One such disease is the stroke.


What is stroke? Here is the answer:

According to research, the stroke is the third deadly disease. The stroke refers to the attacks occurring in brain. There are many reasons for the occurrence of stroke. Some may have stroke due to over pressure to the blood vessels. Some may have it as a reason of hereditary. Keeping our mind relaxed and stress free is good for our heart too.

The stroke is the kind of situation which needs immediate attention towards it. so, how can we judge things related to stroke. Let us see in detail.

Causes of Stroke:

Stroke mainly occurs due to the following practices we ought to follow in our routine life.

  • Being overweight has chances of stroke
  • Aging factor – People over the age of 55 years or older may have high chances of stroke
  • Hereditary – When your father or mother had been affected by stroke, there are chances for you to get affected with it.
  • Lifestyle – Even your irregular and unhygienic lifestyle may pave the way towards the occurrence of stroke.
  • Smoking – when you have habit of chain smoking and drinking, there are chances of stoke in your life too.

Types of stroke:

The stroke can be diagnosed or listed under the following types:

  • Ischemic stroke
  • Hemorrhagic stroke
  • Transient Ischemic attack

When a person ought to get affected with the stroke, then he might have gone through one of these stroke types. Make sure that you have been dealing with the right one to sort this out of your body.

Symptoms of stroke:

  • Stoke can be identified with the enlisted symptoms in your body.
  • Facing trouble in speaking and understanding
  • Vision problems in both eyes
  • Inability to move parts of the face too


For stroke, the treatment differs from its types. Generally, they would come along with the treatment of using drugs and rehabilitation methods. When both turns out odd, the treatment will go severe for future days.

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